First Generation College Student

Ed Stack discusses growing up in Rowan County, his family, and being encouraged by his parents to become the first college graduate in his family.

Interview on 2011-04-26


00:00.000 I grew up in Rowan County here in North Carolina
00:03.657 in a little crossroads called Enochville,
00:07.616 which is near Salisbury, Kannapolis, China Grove area.
00:12.903 It was great, small community. Most people in our area were either farmers or textile workers. That's generally what you did.
00:23.311 My dad had retired from the service at that time and he worked at the VA hospital in Salisbury
00:34.483 and my mom worked at Cannon Mills in Kannapolis, so I guess she worked there for about thirty years.
00:42.285 But it was great. They didn't go to college and none of my immediate aunts or uncles did
00:51.859 but it was important for my parents to make sure that I did and so I'm first generation.
01:01.199 My sister actually went to nursing school but even though she's older she did that a little bit later in life,
01:06.644 so I was technically the first person to go to college in my family.