Fire in my Gut

Terry Carroll recalls how he became interested in Student Government following his return to campus after two years of service in the Vietnam War.

Interview on 2011-03-24


00:00:00.000 The thing that triggered my decision to get back involved in student politics
00:00:05.289 is that I picked up the first Technician and the story was whether we were going to have Wilson or Slater sandwiches,
00:00:13.599 that there had been mold on some things in the cafeteria.
00:00:17.576 And I'm looking at the Technician and people are dying and things going crazy and the world's getting all crazy
00:00:24.261 and we're talking about whether we're going to have Wilson or Slater sandwiches because of the bread,
00:00:28.345 and I'm like, you know, shouldn't there be something a little deeper here?
00:00:32.218 So that really kind of pissed me off, if you want to be honest,
00:00:36.633 because I'm like we're asleep here.
00:00:39.124 The world is on fire and we're just sitting about, you know,
00:00:44.733 wondering what we're going to have to snack on during the football game.
00:00:47.066 So that really was probably what put the fire in my gut.