Favorite College Memories

Kelly Hook reflects on her favorite experiences as an NC State student, including studying at the library, tailgating, and working with Student Government

Interview on 2012-05-02


00:00:00.000 Studying, not my favorite, but D.H. Hill Library
00:00:02.797 is awesome and I think pretty much all students would agree that
00:00:06.719 D.H. Hill Library played an instrumental part in our time at NC State,
00:00:11.968 particularly the coffee shop, [Laughs] Hill of Beans.
00:00:15.922 I went there every morning.
00:00:17.279 Don't tell my parents that I used my meal plan they paid for
00:00:20.748 the first two years to buy coffee and bagels and you name it. [Laughs]
00:00:25.150 Again, kind of the hang out.
00:00:28.525 They have conference rooms, we would do group assignments, and it's funny now to think that those are my biggest memories.
00:00:33.901 Actually if you'd asked me, and I'm surprised to hear myself say this, but so cool to be in a group work setting like that,
00:00:41.230 twenty students in a giant conference room. We've got these smart boards
00:00:45.541 and we can plug our laptops in and people can mess with the smart boards and it's just amazing, amazing technology in the D.H. Hill Library,
00:00:52.996 and it's enabled me to be in the workforce now in such a dynamic work environment where there's so much multimedia.
00:01:01.851 That's definitely memorable. NC State football games: Huge memories there.
00:01:07.838 cheering on Wolfpack wins and Wolfpack losses, all good, all good memories.
00:01:19.885 Student government; I know that's not everybody's favorite thing but it's definitely mine.
00:01:26.507 I think that body of students does care a whole lot about the future of NC State University and I
00:01:32.000 will always cherish having been a part of that, and certainly my senior year was a great experience.