Evelyn Reiman

Ed Stack talks about working with Evelyn Reiman, director of student development.

Interview on 2011-04-26


00:00.000 Evelyn Reiman, who was the director of student development at the time,
00:05.497 was a very good mentor for me.
00:09.515 She and I--and I'll never forget it--
00:14.168 when I graduated she gave me a picture, a painting, a print,
00:22.409 and on the back of it she wrote--and it's not a verbatim quote--
00:29.954 but she wrote something like, "I enjoyed learning that two people could have the same goal and approach it differently."
00:43.419 That was sort of over the years that we were working together, particularly those last two years,
00:51.626 politically, world views, she and I probably could not have been more different
00:58.779 but at the end of the day we realized that we both had the same goal,
01:05.074 and because I had one view of how we got somewhere
01:12.550 did not make me a bad person because I was trying to get to the same place that she was trying to get, just from the opposite direction.
01:21.135 So I felt like she and I both probably were able to learn something from each other,
01:28.995 although I did a lot more learning from her than she did from me, that's for sure.
01:33.520 But it was fun when we would get into these discussions and we would try to get somewhere
01:40.333 and we would always start off at opposite spots, but it was never a contentious situation.
01:47.819 We got along great and I thought over the two years that I was student body president that we had a very good relationship working together.