Establishing the GLBT Center

T. Greg Doucette recalls discussions in the early 2000s which eventually led to the establishment of the GLBT Center.

Interview on 2012-10-05


00:00:00.000 There was something going on that really kind of sparked a lot of community interest and one of the senators who was really kind of the main guy pushing, his name's Matt Potter. He's a really good friend of mine,
00:00:10.018 but politically he and I are like polar opposites.
00:00:13.092 So he said, hey, I want this done; how can we make it happen? I said well look; let's work it out. You represent one spectrum, I represent the other; we'll put it together and make it happen,
00:00:22.771 because I mean you've got centers on campus for everything else. You've got the African American Cultural Center, you've got the Women's Center, you've got all these different centers for all these different groups and you've got a sizeable number of people in the LGBT community that have nowhere to go.
00:00:32.955 I'm like, regardless of whether or not you happen to be gay or you have friends who are gay or you don't like gays, none of that really matters. If you're going to provide something for everyone else you kind of really got to do it for this really significant piece of the community.
00:00:47.112 That was how I approached it.