Discovering Politics at NC State

Haden Edward "Eddie" Knox discusses the various positions to which he was elected as a student at NC State: freshman class vice president, sophomore class president, student body vice president, and finally student body president.

Interview on 2012-10-31


00:00:00.000 Well politics sort of begets politics. You know if you run for something, first thing you know somebody's going to ask you to run for something else,
00:00:08.444 and your ego starts running away from you and the first thing you know you're running for everything. I don't know how I happened to get into politics at State.
00:00:18.051 I was asked by Doc Ray to run and I did and I liked it, even though I didn't have much of a role as vice president of the freshman class,
00:00:27.227 but when I became president of the sophomore class I played a more integral role. As vice president of the student body I presided over the student legislature,
00:00:36.080 and then I became president of the student body. I had a wonderful relationship with the fraternities. I was never in a fraternity but they invited me to all their parties,
00:00:46.987 made fun of the white socks that I wore with a suit, but I took it in stride. At least I got to eat free. From there I just went on to law school
00:00:59.693 and became president of the student bar association.