Dean Kamphoefner

John Atkins remembers Dean Henry Kamphoefner fondly as someone to be respected.

Interview on 2011-06-14


00:00:00 When I was student body president
00:00:05 the editor of the Technician, the editor of the Agromeck, the student body president, all three,
00:00:13 were school of design students.
00:00:17 And this dean, Henry Kamphoefner, had always instilled in us as students that we didn't have time to do anything
00:00:24 other than to be in the studios.
00:00:27 Again he was-I say this respectfully-you feared this dean,
00:00:37 and it's always been the smallest of colleges or smallest of the schools
00:00:42 so it's not like the dean of engineering who can't keep up with thirty-five hundred students.
00:00:49 Anyway, but we heard that Dean Kamphoefner had made a talk to one of the Raleigh civic clubs
00:00:58 and we were very thrilled to hear that when he made that talk to the Raleigh civic club
00:01:03 he had bragged that three of his students were editor of the Technician, editor of the Agromeck, and president of the student body,
00:01:10 so that was when we kind of realized, well I guess we're okay and clear.