Cultivating NC State's Image

Tony Caravano and Will Quick discuss how NC State has become better at telling its own story and promoting itself as a special and unique institution.

Interview on 2011-11-04


00:00:00.000 Caravano: Yeah, for me I think that we're going to leaps and bounds grow or move up in rankings.
00:00:06.291 Rankings are important to a lot of folks on this campus and not so much to others.
00:00:10.830 I think you'll see the ranking of our institution grow because I think we're finally capturing how to tell our story
00:00:16.669 and how to talk about what's special and unique, like Will said, about NC State.
00:00:21.474 Our current president, Chancellor Woodson, is doing a lot of that
00:00:26.882 but I think what we're going to see is more people outside of the institution talking about what NC State's doing,
00:00:32.484 not just on the athletic field, and that's the most important piece to me,
00:00:37.035 what's the reputation of NC State outside of Raleigh.
00:00:40.702 Quick: For me I think a large part of where NC State is going-.
00:00:47.099 The student today that's at the university
00:00:50.076 how they can contribute to NC State's image and how we tell our story.
00:00:55.917 I walked in the library earlier and saw the poster of Kornelius Bascombe, and the stuff he's doing is just like crazy cool.
00:01:02.810 I've seen some of his videos.
00:01:05.877 Identifying who those people are, whether it's what Kornelius is doing or something that a researcher's doing,
00:01:12.122 a grad student researcher's doing over in textiles,
00:01:16.372 and telling the story of our students and what they're giving to the rest of the world.