Creating a Science Section for the Technician

Dwuan June describes establishing "Frontiers," the Technician's first science section.

Interview on 2012-06-18


00:00:00.000 It was kind of weird that you have this newspaper that is on an engineering school but we have no science section in the paper. [Laughs]
00:00:09.012 So you say, well, we should have some kind of science section in the newspaper, [Laughs] so that was my position. If I'm going to be editor we're going to create this section that's going to be about science. [Laughs]
00:00:21.759 That was my main position, and that's what we did. We created a section called "Frontiers."
00:00:29.504 We started off with the idea this was going to be just a half page venture but we started needing a full page for "Frontiers," a whole open page of space for this, so it was really a good product.
00:00:44.728 We didn't know if it was going to be able to last after I left but they wanted to carry it on into the next editor's tenure. I don't know if they still have it now but it went better than I thought it was going to go over.
00:00:58.111 We didn't have any trouble getting copy, as a matter of fact we even had another guy who wanted to write something for it, so I was very pleased with that.
00:01:04.619 I thought we had an appetite for it but I didn't know we had that kind of appetite for it.