Choosing NC State

Ed Stack talks about how he always wanted to attend NC State.

Interview on 2011-04-26


00:00:00.000 You know for some reason we were always NC State fans growing up.
00:00:03.210 I remember being a kid with an NC State jacket and hat and all that stuff, so I was just always a fan.
00:00:10.716 There was a time that I thought about the Air Force Academy,
00:00:16.952 my dad is a retired master sergeant from the Air Force,
00:00:22.502 have always had tremendous respect for military people
00:00:27.558 and obviously looked up to my dad and all of that.
00:00:32.681 So there was a time that I had thought about that,
00:00:36.525 and I looked at some other schools. I looked at Wake Forest, I looked at Elon,
00:00:42.882 I looked at a lot of different places but at the end of the day
00:00:46.980 I applied to State and one alternate just in case State didn't work
00:00:52.158 but thankfully it did and I got in.
00:00:54.599 So really my whole life I wanted to come to NC State.