Choosing NC State

John Earnhardt discusses how, while he was in high school, he decided to study engineering and therefore to attend NC State.

Interview on 2012-11-15


00:00:00.000 There were a few people that had attended State in my church. There were two engineers and somebody that had been in agriculture.
00:00:16.785 My grades were very good in all technical things, and my mother actually, at church,
00:00:28.500 asked one of these older people who had been to State to just talk to me a little bit because there was nobody in my immediate neighborhood
00:00:42.850 to talk with that would even know what engineering or agricultural education was all about. So I talked with, Harry [Hollick?] was his name, and he was an electrical engineer.
00:00:47.247 He told me what kinds of things I might be doing as an engineer, and that appealed to me: Conservation of natural resources, how to make things work better, how to have a concept and make a product,
00:01:15.042 engineering and production and so on. So that was some of the help that got me started toward NC State,
00:01:25.997 and of course I liked the idea that in engineering the school was strong.
00:01:34.074 We were a large family and not a wealthy family so it was very important that I could go to school,
00:01:43.008 and while I didn't mind incurring debt, I could go to school and be able to pay off my loans.