Choosing NC State

J. Robert Cooke talks about realizing an interest in agricultural engineering while in high school and deciding to enroll in the program at NC State.

Interview on 2011-08-22


00:00:00.000 Actually it was a pretty easy choice. I applied at several places-as I would suggest anyone applying to have a few options
00:00:10.654 applied and was admitted at Davidson but even with the financial aid it was still far less expensive to come to NC State.
00:00:19.724 But I had been a student in the vocational agriculture program and the Future Farmers of America and if you have worked
00:00:30.271 on the farm it's not a great leap of imagination to understand building machinery that reduces the amount of drudgery.
00:00:38.415 It's fairly easy to comprehend. So even in high school, by the time I was a junior, I had settled on agricultural engineering
00:00:50.487 at NC State, and it's been a marvelous, marvelous choice.