Ed Stack reflects on campaigning, which he found to be a challenging and sometimes unpleasant aspect of student government.

Interview on 2011-04-26


00:00:00.000 The second election was a little bit tough,
00:00:04.976 not tough from a voting standpoint but a little bit tough.
00:00:11.590 I was running against somebody that
00:00:16.207 had worked right beside of me the previous year.
00:00:18.961 We knew each other well.
00:00:20.817 Different sides, probably threw some things out there that were
00:00:26.720 not helping with our friendship,
00:00:32.732 and above all I wanted to make sure that
00:00:36.736 each campaign was run appropriately and that at the end of the day no matter who won
00:00:41.613 that we would still be friends,
00:00:43.763 and so I think really the--. I guess in a nutshell
00:00:47.766 the politics of it to me
00:00:51.759 were the most challenging aspect.
00:00:54.230 Everything else was fun,
00:00:57.253 and although not easy it’s
00:01:01.967 much easier to go in and talk to the faculty senate about the issue at hand
00:01:08.110 or talk to the student senate about the issue at hand,
00:01:11.020 but when it gets down to vote for me versus voting for that person,
00:01:14.912 who I like and respect,
00:01:17.353 that probably is the part that I found least fun.
00:01:24.571 Everybody that has asked me about my time as student body president over the years
00:01:31.376 and what part did you like least,
00:01:35.946 and the politics--. I’ve always been surprised at how much politics, pure, ugly politics,
00:01:46.080 is involved in student government, or at least was at the time,
00:01:49.995 and that is probably the thing that I liked least about it.