Campaigning for Student Senate President

Eric Moore discusses campaigning for Student Senate President.

Interview on 2012-05-17


00:00:00.000 So one night I got invited over to the house of Wesley McClure,
00:00:06.578 who at the time was-.
00:00:10.237 I don't know what his role was. He was about to run for student body president.
00:00:14.491 At the same time they were restructuring the constitution
00:00:19.647 so that rather than a president of student government and a vice president of student government
00:00:23.941 they had a student government president and a student senate president,
00:00:28.180 who was in effect the vice president.
00:00:30.734 So I'm sitting with Wes and some of the other student leaders
00:00:38.464 and just out of the blue they said, "Eric, you seem to be well respected by the student senate.
00:00:42.581 "Have you considered running for student senate president?"
00:00:45.602 So I'm looking at them like, are you serious? They said yes.
00:00:49.635 So I said, "Well, first of all I have to-." They said, "Don't worry about that."
00:00:55.722 "If you're interested in running we'll try to help make it happen."
00:00:59.745 At the time I was working at WKNC
00:01:03.189 and George Patton, who was the editor of the Technician, we were literally next door to each other
00:01:09.187 George knew that I was running
00:01:13.768 so a decision was made that my picture would not appear before the election was over
00:01:19.578 because that might have an impact on whether I would get elected or not.
00:01:23.467 So of course all the signs went out: Eric Moore.
00:01:27.444 Fortunately that didn't sound much like an African American name so it's, oh yeah, I'm voting for Eric Moore.
00:01:32.174 Well there was a guy named Sam Bays who was active in student government
00:01:37.738 and he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Mus, affectionately known as the Sammies,
00:01:43.190 and most people knew that they were the Jewish fraternity.
00:01:45.916 So I remember after the election was over,
00:01:49.739 the day after the election, my picture's on the front page:
00:01:54.110 "Moore Elected Student Senate President."
00:01:58.057 And of course now it's all over campus and I'm in another meeting with some guys off campus and they said, "You mean to tell me I voted for-?"
00:02:03.990 and Sam Bays said, "Yes, you did." [Laughs]