Bringing Organizations Together

Will Quick remembers helping unite the NC State campus behind the common cause of contributing to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Interview on 2011-11-04


00:00:00.000 Quick: I think for me the thing that stands out the most
00:00:03.493 is not anything that was during either of the two times I was an elected official,
00:00:08.758 it was probably some of the stuff with the Hurricane Katrina relief for me
00:00:12.964 and how you can bring people together who are working--
00:00:18.970 who have their own student organizations and they've got their own great ideas
00:00:23.778 but you can bring them together as a campus, and how do you present NC State as NC State,
00:00:29.914 not just you've got the student government working on a project over here
00:00:34.703 and you've got IRC doing some fundraising over here for Katrina relief, or whatever the issue is,
00:00:41.207 but getting NC State to respond as a body.
00:00:44.898 People from UNC were calling me and saying how are you guys doing this?
00:00:48.352 how are you guys making this a campus-wide thing? I said well it's sort of organic.
00:00:53.769 We asked people to stay in touch with us, we come up with ideas and ask people to run the ideas,
00:01:00.759 and to me that was really neat, just doing something that was NC State,
00:01:05.060 not student government, not IRC, not UAB, not anybody else, not IFC or any of the different groups, I mean all the different acronyms-.
00:01:16.532 Yeah, I mean I'm just throwing them out, but it's NC State doing something,
00:01:20.315 it's not any particular group, and we're doing it together
00:01:23.915 it's about doing it as a community and putting that community out to the rest of the world.