Blue Light Emergency Phones

Terry Carroll discusses the blue emergency phones.

Interview on 2011-03-24


00:00:00.000 Of course, you know, you kind of get student body president at NC State and you're going to kind of meet the Carolina president, the Duke president, the Wake Forest president and the Appalachian president.
00:00:09.721 You get to know them just because you just do.
00:00:11.956 So there had been some women students that had been molested at Carolina around the arboretum or something like that
00:00:22.413 that had gone on and we had talked about that.
00:00:25.436 So I'd come up with the idea and I said what we really need to do is have some kind of way where somebody walking on a campus if something happens there's a telephone pole or something close by that they can immediately go to.
00:00:40.068 Fast forwarding today you've got all the blue lights with the phones on the campus. That was started during that time as a result of that incident
00:00:48.436 so that's really kind of neat to see where the security of the campuses, especially as some of that's probably been called into question more and more over time,
00:01:00.381 but we had that system in place then and I think it's probably been a very effective system.
00:01:07.752 So that was one of the things that I felt like was a really good thing that was kind of a holdover from that period.