Becoming Friends

Will Quick and Tony Caravano tell how their friendship began at a Student Government event Will's freshman year.

Interview on 2011-11-04


00:00:00 Quick: I think the way I met Tony was,
00:00:05 Quick: during orientation the student body president gets to do a lot of fun things around orientation each year,
00:00:11 Quick: and Tony was student body president so he's four years older than I am. He was a senior when I was a freshman
00:00:16 Quick: and he was student body president, and I don't remember the name of that game but it was that dating game that used to be on MTV with like Carmen Electra and-.
00:00:24 Caravano: Singled Out.
00:00:26 Quick: Yeah, Singled Out, there you go. Yeah, Jenny McCarthy, you know, hosted that game, and so they had come up with some idea to do that among freshmen as an icebreaker.
00:00:34 Quick: I ended up being the guy who was sitting in the chair and had to pick the girl, however the dating thing worked.
00:00:43 Quick: I don't know how I got randomly selected for that.
00:00:47 Quick: So anyway Tony's emceeing this game and hosting this game and
00:00:53 Quick: throughout it I sort of get a chance to talk to him a little bit about what he's doing. I don't think I probably saw him after that for at least a couple weeks.
00:01:03 Caravano: Yeah, a couple weeks, but I would like to go back to the game, just quickly. The reason you were selected-.
00:01:06 Quick: I glossed over that.
00:01:08 Caravano: Yeah, absolutely. Will was full-mulleted, so he brought his South Carolina mullet with him.
00:01:14 Quick: I used to think it was surfer hair, okay? I thought it was surfer hair.
00:01:18 Caravano: He was not from the beach. He had a mullet, he had these awful, awful, croakies on his sunglasses,
00:01:24 Caravano: and just came in like-. He was ready to go, and that's why he was picked.
00:01:29 Caravano: I mean this kid, he stood out, clearly, physically, and just had all this energy, was really out there,
00:01:35 Caravano: just taking the whole room by storm, so everyone was like, yeah, definitely pick that kid. He's not shy, he'll make the game fun for us,
00:01:42 Caravano: and he loved the attention. He wanted to talk to every one of the girls that was there.
00:01:48 Caravano: That was Will. So that's kind of the, you know, just seeing the energy that Will had was sort of the beginning of it.
00:01:53 Caravano: That's kind of how we hit it off because we both walk into a room and don't really see a stranger.