Applying to NC State

John Atkins explains his interest in architecture as the reason he applied to college at NC State.

Interview on 2011-06-14


00:00:00.000 I had enjoyed drawing in school, I enjoyed mechanical drawing, which I'd taken courses in.
00:00:09.015 I don't think I was overly conscious of it but I had enjoyed watching
00:00:16.126 certain buildings and their evolution as they went through the construction process in town.
00:00:22.444 we always went to Monticello and we'd go every summer and we'd spend hours upon hours there.
00:00:28.619 So somehow, I don't know, all this kind of aggregated to the point that I thought that I'd have an interest in architecture.
00:00:34.474 I can tell you this, I pretty much misunderstood it, when those aspirations were there, to what the practice is
00:00:42.361 but all for the good, by the way, in what the practice is.
00:00:46.975 And so I couldn't apply to Duke because Duke didn't have architecture
00:00:52.338 and I even thought about applying to civil engineering and then trying to transfer but I didn't want to do that.
00:00:59.691 So I applied to NC State,
00:01:03.682 and I can't sit here and tell you that there was this great exploration on my part, looking at other schools of architecture,
00:01:12.539 and I had the good fortune of being accepted.