Advice to Students

Adam Compton imparts advice to current students about getting involved and how leadership roles changed his life.

Interview on 2011-11-18


00:00:00.000 I spoke at a senior send off-no, it was a legacy luncheon-
00:00:05.952 and the two pieces of advice that I wanted to give to students was go to class,
00:00:11.249 because there are a lot of things you can learn in class. It's one thing that I wish I'd done more.
00:00:16.840 Showing up for test days and reading the textbook are not always the best approach to college.
00:00:23.158 You may decide, hey, you want to go to grad school
00:00:26.756 and your little old GPA is not going to help you get into grad school right now.
00:00:32.891 And the other thing would be get involved.
00:00:35.693 Getting involved has fundamentally changed who I am
00:00:40.280 and it just changed my entire college experience.
00:00:43.680 As I said, six generations before me all went to Carolina.
00:00:48.241 We had had seats in Kenan Stadium, their football stadium and their basketball stadium,
00:00:53.551 since the day both of those had opened.
00:00:56.496 There was no doubt in my mind who I pulled for when I came to NC State, and that was UNC.
00:01:02.652 But looking back there's no doubt in my mind who I pull for now. I'm there every Saturday that I have, football tickets and basketball tickets, because I love NC State.
00:01:13.950 So just getting involved really changed so much about me.