2010 Howl for Haiti

Kelly Hook describes an NC State fundraising campaign called Howl For Haiti, which collected donations for the victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, and her role in the organizing the program.

Interview on 2012-05-02


00:00:00.000 Howl for Haiti was to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti,
00:00:04.427 and the NC State student body came together in a whole lot of different ways.
00:00:10.035 I was a part of it. I co-headed it, I guess, with a girl named Ericka Aiken, a woman named Ericka Aiken.
00:00:17.045 She and I were just facilitators for really the student body who had their own ideas and we just helped bring people together.
00:00:24.985 They did canned food drives, collecting fifteen thousand, if I remember correctly, pounds of consumable items,
00:00:31.855 and we raised eighty-five thousand dollars in actual hard money as well as having a food drive.
00:00:38.899 It was Stop Hunger Now, which is an organization headed by a guy named Ray [Buchanan], I can't remember his last name,
00:00:46.065 but they contacted NC State and kind of put the call to action out there,
00:00:49.879 would you be willing as a student body to come forward and head this amazing, huge undertaking fundraiser,
00:00:57.540 and of course student government jumped at that idea because we felt like we wanted to do something but we weren't sure how to bring the campus together.
00:01:05.690 Stop Hunger Now gave the effort some legitimacy and it also gave us a way to take the items somewhere.
00:01:13.941 hey gave us lots of ideas about how to have fundraisers, we did things at basketball games,
00:01:19.364 students used their own personal talents like guitar lessons, dance lessons, and charged a nominal fee,
00:01:25.738 ribbon making on the Brickyard, etcetera, and we did that for about a month to raise eighty-five thousand dollars.