William Purvis Albright

William Purvis Albright was the eighth student body president for NC State, and presided over one of the most turbulent terms in the history of the college. During his term the Golden Chain, the senior class honorary society, voted that the student government should be abolished due to it no longer functioning adequately on campus. The Golden Chain also noted that the honor system which the student government had used to keep students in line no longer functioned, and needed to be abolished in favor of direct faculty control.

Albright condemned the Golden Chain’s move, and after much debate the question of whether or not to keep the student government and the honor system went out in a referendum to all the students on campus. The decision was made to keep the student government, but the referendum caused serious discussion on the need for student government at NC State.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1928-1929


Albright went through two major shakeups in his term, the first being the Golden Chain’s recommendation to abolish Student Government entirely, as narrated above. However, late in his term many members of the student council directly opposed him and attempted to bring back the gauntlet (which his predecessor had abolished) as a system of punishment in replacement of the honor system. Albright furiously opposed the return of the gauntlet, saying he would have nothing to do with it. The gauntlet was closely associated with the freshmen caps, and many council members claimed that by reinstating the gauntlet the freshmen caps rule could thus be enforced, and hopefully “school spirit” could be maintained. The issue was debated fiercely but was eventually sent to committee for discussion. This never occurred; however, as the new Student Government was elected less than a month later.


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