William McIver Jackson

Huntersville, NC, native William McIver Jackson served as Executive Editor of the Technician until Editor Mike Lea withdrew from his position after contracting mononucleosis. In Lea’s absence, Jackson took on full editorial responsibilities. During Jackson’s tenure as editor, he published an editorial column that tackled various facets of campus life. His last editorial, “The Voice Stops,” addressed graduating NC State students directly, stating:

“The reward, you guess, is what you learned—to keep going somehow—to work with people—to understand other points of view—that inner satisfaction must be more important than praise—that the world is real and not a textbook—to do your best—to keep smiling—to be proud of N.C. State College. You’re glad it’s over, aren’t you? But you wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Years at State

Technician Editor-in-Chief, 1961-1962


Technician (21 May 1962)