William Jefferson Barker

Burlington, North Carolina native William Barker served as State College's thirteenth student body president. Barker tied W. P. Kanton in the primary presidential election with 309 votes; however, he later defeated Kanton in a runoff 534 to 414. As president, Barker represented approximately 1,500 students, often meeting with administrators to express student complaints. During his presidency, Barker reduced Student Government spending, an accomplishment recognized by the Technician. However, the Technician also criticized Barker for altering his position concerning freshman caps: "Before Christmas holidays, our noble president came to the Technician office and suggested that we continue the drive for caps...We gave him our support...and after the holidays we knew nothing of his change of mind until a member of the staff heard him oppose the cap during a conversation in Dean Cloyd’s office.” In January 1934, students voted Barker "best all around."


Years at State

Student Body President, 1933-1934


President Barker sought to crack down on hazing at NC State. In November 1933, Barker declared he would do everything in his power to catch the six men who broke into a student’s room and cut his hair. The Technician asserted “… with Bill Barker … putting his every effort into finding the unskilled barbers, those who did the cutting will find it difficult to keep in the dark for long.”

Barker decreased Student Government spending in various ways. For example, Barker voted not to send Student Council leaders to an annual student convention, which saved Student Government an estimated $550. Because of reduced spending, Student Council donated $150 to the Student Loan Fund. Technician declared, “Bill Barker, president of Student Government, should be praised for his efforts at reducing expenditures in foregoing many of the pleasures which have in the past been open to heads of the student body.”


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