Walter Nowell Perry, III

During his term in office, Walter Perry urged students to become more involved with the Student Senate. He worried that students who have concerns do not actually act to help the university. For his part, Perry claimed that he served as Senate President “to do a good job and accomplish tasks to the best of my ability” rather than for “name recognition.”

Perry faced challenges while in office but overall had a successful term. Although Perry (along with Student Body President Gary Mauney and Student Body Treasurer Bryan Kay) faced some scrutiny for a potential misuse of funds for traveling to a conference, no impropriety was discovered. In fact, Perry received lauds from his peers. At the conclusion of his term, Perry received a commendation from the Senate “for his dedication, loyalty, commitment, and leadership.”

Years at State

Student Senate President, 1986-1987


In November 1986, the Student Senate passed a resolution in favor of divestiture of university funds away from South Africa by a 37-13 vote. The Senate employed divestiture as a form of sanctions against the system of apartheid in South Africa.

In February 1987, Student Government sponsored a rally against President Reagan’s proposed financial aid cuts. Student Body President Mauney claimed that students needed to demonstrate the necessity of the programs that could face cuts.

In April 1987, the Student Senate passed Resolution R17 calling for new advisory roles outside of Student Development. Previously, Student Development had served as the only official advisor for the Senate, thereby causing some conflicts of interest when the Senate dealt with resolutions applying to Development. Student Development retained an advisory seat, but the Senate voted to elect to add new faculty advisors and anyone approved by two-thirds of the Senate.


As of January 2010, Walter Perry currently serves as the District Director for the Tennessee District Office of the United States Small Business Administration. Prior to taking this position, Perry served for fifteen years at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee complex of the U.S. Department of Energy, where he “was responsible for advocating science, environmental management and national security mission activities to the public, media and elected officials.” Perry previously worked with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and as a Presidential Management Intern.


Technician (Spring 1986-Spring 1987)

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