Vincent Outland

During his campaign for the presidency, Technician highlighted Vincent Outland's experience as a Campus Government "veteran." Prior to his election as president, Outland served as Campus Government treasurer, the clerk of the Honor Court, and as the president of his sophomore class. During the election, Outland showed his support of campus programs including the honor system stating, "I advocate an honor system which both the students and the administration would wholeheartedly support and believe in." Because Outland received over half of the votes in the primary election, defeating two additional presidential candidates, the election committee declared a runoff election would not be necessary. Outland graduated from State College in 1953 with a degree in industrial engineering. In 1967, Outland received a graduate degree from NC State in vocational industrial education.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1952-1953


Outland was adamant about student council members’ upholding their commitments to Campus Government. In April 1953, Outland expressed displeasure with members and faculty advisers when they failed to uphold their responsibilities of jury duty in Campus Government trials.

Under the leadership of Outland, Campus Government purchased 248 books for the library. The $700 used to purchase the books came from a portion of the $40,000 given to Campus Government as part of the settlement from the Student Supply Stores in spring 1952.


Technician (18 April 1952)