Steven Wilson Quick

Will Quick, a South Carolina native, served as the eighty-eighth president of NC State's Student Government. Quick was active in many student organizations, including the Inter-Fraternity Council and club tennis. Quick served as the 2004-2005 Student Senate president, working alongside his mentor, then-Student Body President Tony Caravano. According to Quick, "It's always important to find someone at school who is a mentor and a friend . . . For me, that was Tony Caravano." Quick ran an unsuccessful campaign for student body president in 2005 against "The Pirate Captain." However, Quick remained active in Student Government and won 61 percent of student votes in the 2006 presidential election. As president, Quick supported many campus issues including the establishment of a prayer room for Muslim students and tax-free textbooks. Quick's most celebrated accomplishment, however, was his successful lobbying for extended tailgating hours.

Will Quick graduated magna cum laude in 2007 with a degree in political science. Following graduation, Quick entered NC State's Jenkins Graduate School of Management where he graduated with an MBA in 2009.


Years at State

Student Senate President, 2004-2005

Student Body President, 2006-2007


During his administration, Will Quick reimplemented the Red Terror Transit system. The Red Terror transported students from campus to Carter-Finley Stadium for football games. Because of the program's success, Quick planned to extend the system to include transportation to basketball games. Student Government also created and dispersed the "Hillsborough Street Guide," which informed students about local businesses.

Quick met with University Dining officials in an effort to develop a pilot program to extend dining hall hours. Although hours were not extended, Quick was successful in raising awareness of student concerns for accessible dining facilities.

Quick was the sole member of the Board of Trustees to vote against a proposed $230 tuition increase in November 2006. In an interview with the Technician, Quick stated he felt tuition increases should be covered by the state. Quick also opposed increasing fees that were not earmarked. Unmarked fees represented 20.9 percent of the $59.50 fee increase.


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