Richard Noel Gusler

Richard Gusler won a landslide victory to become the fifty-first president of Student Government. His campaign platform supported an increase in student social activities and efficiency in Student Government. Gusler's involvement in Coffee House Parties popularized his name and garnered him significant student support. Gusler's term was a time of continued student unrest over the Vietnam War, with two thousand students joining in a march to the state capitol building. The summer following his presidency, Gusler married Student Government Secretary Doris Wells in an intimate ceremony. Gusler graduated from NC State in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and in 1980 with a Master’s degree in public administration. In 1984, Gusler received his J.D. from NC Central University.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1971-1972


Gusler’s most celebrated program was the Student Government sponsored “Coffee House Party.” Student Government officials distributed free beer at the parties in effort to bring awareness to the issue of alcohol on UNC-system campuses. Gus lobbied for the sale of alcohol on campus. Students continued to support campus alcohol sales for many years.

Gus circulated a petition to encourage the elimination of a two-semester foreign language requirement for the schools of Liberal Arts and Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In spring 1972, the Liberal Arts faculty accepted a trial optional foreign language program. Currently, several State degree programs do not require foreign language studies.

One of Gusler’s significant contributions to the student body was the establishment of the student Legal Defense Corporation. The LDC was a non-profit organization that represented students’ interests in lawsuits. The LDC continued off and on for several years and aided many students in filing claims against the University.


Gusler is an attorney specializing in sports law, products liability, and personal injury law. He serves on the Graduate School's Board of Advisors and has taught a senior level music management course at NC State. Since 2005, Gusler has been the owner of the Players' Retreat, a Hillsborough Street bar and restaurant, where he worked during his time as a student.


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