Percy Cleveland Beatty

Percy Cleveland Beatty served as third student body president at NC State. As a student, Beatty was highly active in both the athletic and academic aspects of life on campus. He majored in textiles at a time when the textiles and engineering programs gained in popularity. Beatty was known to be reliable and competitive; the Technician cited Beatty as "the best known and liked man on campus."

Students described Beatty as a "dark horse" during the 1923 Student Council election, however, he won the presidency and surprised everyone with his effective style of government, which the Technician described as "quiet but forceful." Students recognized the president for his "quiet, determined, rational, and just" personality. Beatty left behind a legacy of strong Student Government.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1923-1924


Beatty reorganized the Student Council and averted a possible crisis of leadership, which provided Student Government with a strong base and allowed Beatty to leave behind a legacy of quiet but effective administration. His administration did not advertise its presence on campus; instead the council sought to act as a tool to help students and faculty, which earned high praise from State students.

He also worked with the Y.M.C.A in Greensboro to help high school students stay in school and continue on to college, representing NC State at the Y.M.C.A.’s annual stay-in-school campaign.


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