Paul Nolan

Paul Nolan served as president of NC State’s Student Government from 2016 to 2017.Nolan and his vice president, Brayndon Stafford, won with 56% of the votes in a runoff election. Before serving as president, Nolan was a three-term member of the Executive Branch, as well as the Associate Director of the Traditions Department.

In addition to his participation in Student Government, Nolan also was Chancellor’s Aide and a member of the University Scholars Program. He was a founding father and brother of the Beta Theta Pi chapter at NC State. Nolan graduated in 2017 with degrees in Materials Science Engineering and Political Science.

Years at State

Student Body President, 2016-2017


Nolan and Vice President Brayndon Stafford founded “Pack the Polls” during the 2016 United States presidential elections. Pack the Polls helped students register to vote by organizing transportation to voting locations, and it worked with the administration to reinstate the on-campus early voting site. The 2016-2017 school year also saw the introduction of the Student Philanthropy Council to the Executive Branch.


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