Pamela Powell

Pam Powell's service as a freshman Student Senator marked the beginning of her long relationship with NC State Student Government. As a sophomore, Powell's interests in Student Government developed as she served as an Executive Assistant to Student Body President Kevin Howell. As an Executive Assistant, she learned about the demanding position of the presidency and became familiar with students' needs. Utilizing her knowledge of the inner workings of Student Government, Powell campaigned successfully for student body president in spring 1988, winning 69 percent of votes in the runoff election. As president, Powell worked towards the publication of teacher evaluations, a task that would not be completed until 1994.

During Powell's term as president, students used the TRACS system (Telephonic Registration And Computerized Scheduling) to register for courses by phone for the first time. The TRACS system eliminated the long lines students encountered during “Change Day.”

Following her successful term as president, Powell was reelected to the Student Senate in 1989 as a senior Senator.

Years at State

Student Body President, 1988-1989


Powell requested the implementation of an advisor evaluation program. She asked that advisers be required to post office hours and aid in student registration. Additionally, Powell pushed for the publication of teacher evaluations. She contacted officials from universities that previously published evaluations to learn the pros and cons of implementing a similar program.

Under Powell’s leadership, Student Government organized a “meal donation program” that allowed students to donate the cost of a meal off their meal cards to the Raleigh Food Bank. Student Government collected $600 from the event.

As a member of the Chancellor’s Liaison Committee, Powell asked Chancellor Poulton to address students’ complaints concerning international Teaching Assistants. Students claimed they were unable to understand their TA’s in class. The Technician claimed that student leaders were “doing [administrators] a favor by warning them [about students’ complaints] now.”


Technician (28 October 1988, 21 April 1989)