Myron Luther Cauble, Jr.

In an interview with the Technician, Mike Cauble stated, "I feel student Government’s greatest contribution to State is putting freshness and life into many aspects of college administration." Cauble introduced many fresh ideas to Student Government, some of which the effects can still be seen today. Cauble supported equal treatment for male and female students and encouraged the administration to eliminate discrimination within campus codes and dorm regulations. In addition to his participation in many aspects of Student Government, Cauble was also an officer of The Order of Thirty and Three.

Years at State

Student Body President, 1966-1967


Mike Cauble supported many Student Government bills including the pass/fail bill that recommended the administration allow students to take non-major courses for credit only. Cauble called the bill “the most worthwhile piece of legislation” Student Government enacted that year (1966). The University began offering courses for credit only beginning fall 1967. Students could take up to twelve hours of credit only courses a semester.

Cauble also supported eliminating “double standards” between the men and women’s campus codes by appointing a Double Standards Commission that investigated “discriminatory treatment of coeds on campus.”

One of Cauble’s most celebrated accomplishments was his involvement in securing a new live wolf mascot. With Cauble’s assistance Student Government purchased Lobo III during the summer of 1966.

Additionally, Cauble supported a boycott of A.R.A. Slater Food Service. In response to the boycott, Slater’s manager outlined plans for improving dining services in a letter to the Technician.


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