Michael David Anthony

Prior to his election as Student Body President, Michael Anthony served as Student Government Treasurer and Student Senate President. During his presidential campaign, Anthony cited the Sankofa, an African bird, as a symbol of his approach to the presidency. Sankofas can fly forward while looking backward; Anthony stated, "I want to keep this amazing ability in mind when planning ideas for a potential term as Student Body President." Anthony defeated his opponent by almost 200 votes in a run-off election. During his presidency, Anthony fought tuition increases and established three commissions focused on diversity, tradition, and off-campus governance.

During Anthony's tenure, Approximately 400 students participated in a “read-in” at D.H. Hill Library to protest the library’s reduction in its hours of operation due to lack of funding. Students left the read-in at 1 am and marched to the Chancellor’s house shouting. Chancellor Fox assured students library hours would be restored following the budget's approval.

The 2002-2003 school year was marked by controversy over Chancellor Marye Anne Fox's firing of two top University administrators. The Faculty Senate, believing the dismissals to be too hasty, voted to censure Fox. Fox responded stating, “I realize how difficult change can be, but I believe that we must . . . strengthen the voice of academic affairs at NC State.”

Anthony often credited students and Student Government leaders for his success. He stated, "I didn’t do anything this year by myself. Other students have helped and started events." Anthony graduated from NC State in 2003 with a degree in business management. Anthony received an M.A. in higher education administration and a PhD in educational leadership and organizational development from the University of Louisville.


Years at State

Student Body President, 2002-2003


Students held a candlelight vigil at the Memorial Tower on September 11, 2002 to honor Americans who died in the terrorist attacks the previous year. Anthony addressed the crowd and praised students for raising $1,500 for victims and their families.

Anthony vetoed Government Bill 16, which would have allowed students on disciplinary probation the opportunity to run for Student Government. Anthony cited the serious acts required to receive disciplinary probation as his reason for vetoing the bill.

Anthony assisted in the organization of the library read-in. He called the reduction in library hours “unacceptable.” Anthony also proposed a “Funeral Procession to the Capitol for Education” to “send a message that we [are] watching and involved with what’s going on [in the General Assembly]. NC State administrators opposed a procession on the Assembly’s voting day. During a student rally at the Memorial Tower, the administration announced it would restore the library’s hours to 24-hour service.


Michael Anthony is the director of the Cultural Center at the University of Louisville.


Technician (5 March 2002, 12 September 2002, 13 September 2002, 16 September 2002, 17 September 2002, 18 September 2002, 22 January 2002, 29 January 2003, 30 January 2003, 6 February 2003, 10 February 2003, 17 February 2003, 19 February 2003, 27 February 2003)

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