Mary Elizabeth Spina

Mary Beth Spina described her term as president in one word, "busy." A senior studying liberal arts, Spina was Student Government’s second female president. Spina worked with other Student Government representatives to implement several programs such as a letter writing campaign to the General Assembly to protest tuition increases and a weekly radio program. Spina also represented student interests on the Chancellor Search Committee. Following her term as president, Spina said, "the most important thing I can say about this year is that we did not refuse anyone's request for time, work, or help."


Years at State

Student Body President, 1975-1976


In October 1975, Mary Spina and Chancellor Rigney opened a time capsule in celebration of State’s 86th birthday. The capsule was located in the cornerstone of the King building. The contents of the capsule included a list of students, a college catalog, a student handbook, and old coins.

As student body president, Mary Beth Spina established a committee to print and distribute discount cards to students. Various Raleigh businesses accepted the student discount cards.

In October 1975, Student Government sponsored a weekly radio show. Spina hosted the thirty-minute question and answer session with the show’s guests.

In opposition to the proposed reduction in the drop period, the Student Senate encouraged students to boycott classes and attend a Brickyard rally. Spina disapproved of the boycott, however she addressed the approximately seven hundred students who attended the rally. Spina’s speech focused on the history of State’s drop period.

In November 1975, Spina and Student Government Attorney General Stan Teague attended a conference in Atlanta, Georgia entitled, “Crime on the College Campus-How to Control It.” Upon their return from Atlanta, Spina and Teague presented the information they learned from the conference to Student Government in anticipation of recreating a similar program at State.


Technician (28 April 1975, 3 October 1975, 10 October 1975, 22 October 1975, 29 October 1975, 17 November 1975, 21 November 1975, 9 April 1976, 12 April 1976, 14 April 1976, 16 April 1976, 6 October 1976)