Mack Stout

Mack Stout was vice-president for the Student Government at North Carolina State for the 1930-1931 school year, after losing the presidential race to Dan Paul. He was automatically elected vice-president as runner up in the presidential election. He was named “Best Athlete” for his class, as he was an avid participant in football, wrestling, and track.


Years at State

Student Government Vice President, 1930-1931


The Student Council in winter of 1930 recommended to the Board of Trustees that the newly-formed separate co-ed student government be ignored, saying that all students became members of the student government upon enrollment, and that a secondary body was unnecessary. Technician quoted the council as saying, “This body will ignore the action of the women and subject them to the same rules that govern all students individually.” The women themselves offered no response to this attack, but instead decided to wait for the Board of Trustees to decide the issue.

The Student Council revised the freshmen rules again in 1930, but kept the provisions that freshmen must carry matches at all times for upper-classmen, and further noting that all freshmen must perform any errands asked of them. In addition, students were forbidden from wearing any sports monograms with other college’s insignias on them.


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