Leslie N. Powell

Leslie Powell earned election to the Student Senate presidency running on a platform of increased Senate efficiency and visibility as well as installing a “fully-informed diplomatic style of leadership.” Powell claimed that her experience serving in the Senate for three years had best prepared her for serving as the Senate President. During her term in office, Powell efficiently ran Senate meetings and often communicated news and resolutions from the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor’s Office. Powell was personally involved in the Student Senate’s engagement with a Make-a-Wish raffle fundraiser, encouraging all senators to purchase at least five raffle tickets.

Years at State

Student Senate President, 1990-1991


The Student Senate conducted two major letter writing campaigns. In September 1990, the Senate sent letters to the General Assembly opposing major budget cuts. In March 1991, the Senate took 4,000 letters from students to the General Assembly in opposition to potential tuition increases.

In late November 1990, the Senate passed a resolution in favor of exhibiting potentially obscene art at the College of Design. The Senate acknowledged that obscenity varied from person to person.

In April 1991, the Student Senate began the Save-a-Subscription campaign in order to raise funds for D.H. Hill Library to maintain its journal subscriptions.


Technician (Spring 1989-1991)

UA 21.502: North Carolina State University, Student and Other Organizations, Student Government Records, 1905-2003, Box 17, Student Body Documents, 1990-1991.