John Paul Choplin

Winston-Salem native John Paul Choplin served as the ninth president of the NC State Student Council. While serving as president, he reduced the cost of freshmen caps and assisted in the establishment of the Dormitory Council. In addition to his service in Student Government, Choplin was a member of various honorary societies including the Golden Chain and Blue Key. According to the Technician, Paul Choplin left State College prior to the end of spring term in 1930 following his marriage to Madeline Locke, when he then began working at the Skyland Poultry Farm in Asheville, North Carolina.

Years at State

Student Body President, 1929-1930


According to the Technician, President Paul Choplin reduced the cost of the freshmen caps by 25 cent. In fall 1929, students could purchase the caps for 75 cent at the Student Supply Store. Choplin also secured an office for Student government in Holladay Hall. Student leaders shared the office with Assistant Dean Hicks whose duties “ran parallel with that of the student government.”

Choplin presided over the first Dormitory Council meeting in the Leazar Literary Society Hall in October 1929. The Council developed a plan to oil the floors and paint the beds to “help the boys with their continuous war against ants.”

Choplin also worked to resolve the freshman cap issue; he led the freshmen meeting where freshmen voted 582 to 18 to seek a referendum to discontinue the cap tradition.


John Paul Choplin had a career as an Agricultural Extension Agent. Choplin and his wife had one child, John Locke Choplin. John Paul Choplin died in 1983.


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