John Dinan

Miami, FL, native John Dinan served as the thirty-first Student Government vice president. When campus student leaders met with Consolidated University president Gordon Grey to discuss changes to the Student Supply Store, Dinan was among the representatives.


Years at State

Student Government Vice President, 1951-1952


In the spring of 1952, Dinan scripted a motion that would allow Campus Government to appoint a publicity agent. This agent would “disseminate publicity concerning campus government procedures and actions to…pertinent agencies whose business it is to distribute college news.”

During Dinan’s tenure as vice president, Campus Government helped reinstate and fund the Student Directory. On their contribution, Dinan stated, “This is a good opportunity to show the students that we are doing something for them.”


Technician (25 January 1952, 1 February 1952, 11 April 1952)