John Alexander Bynum

Wadesboro, NC, native John Alexander Bynum, Jr. was North Carolina State University’s forty-third student body president. He campaigned on a diverse platform that included repealing state sales tax on textbooks, an emphasis on the Honor Code during orientation, a campus beautification program, and Student Government sponsored seminars encouraging student leadership. In addition to his duties as student body president, Bynum was appointed state co-chairman of the “Students for Preyer” campaign, named after NC Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Preyer. As co-chairman, Bynum assisted in organizing programs to educate students on their eligibility to vote.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1963-1964


During Bynum’s presidency, Student Government declared October 13-19 Campus Pride Week. The purpose of Pride Week was to promote school spirit. Additionally, Bynum declared February 17-22 Peace Corps Week. During the week, Peace Corps representatives conducted placement tests and answered students’ questions about the organization.

During Bynum’s tenure, Student Government called for a mandate to investigate senior exemption of exams.

The Student Government Cafeteria Advisory Committee developed a cafeteria dress code. This code included regulations that required students to wear shoes at all times and button their shirts. The regulations also banned swimsuits.


Following graduation from NC State, John Bynum attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. John Bynum is currently the marketing manager of AeroGrow International in Boulder, Colorado. AeroGrow provides people the tools they need to grow plants indoors, in soil-free environments.


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