John Adam Mitchell

John Mitchell, a Greensboro native, was elected to Student Government as a member of the University Party. Mitchell campaigned for the presidency on a platform that focused on opposition to the speaker ban bill, investigating faculty-student advisory setup, and establishing a Student Government sponsored complaint and information center. Mitchell held many leadership positions in Student Government including secretary. Mitchell excelled in academics, appearing on the dean’s list his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. He also maintained membership in campus organizations such as the Order of Thirty and Three and Eta Kappa Nu.

Years at State

Student Body President, 1965-1966


Mitchell began the process of creating professor evaluations. The evaluations Mitchell supported asked students questions about their professors’ grading, attitude, and approachability. Student Government introduced the evaluations in January 1966. Student Government would continue to support professor evaluations off and on for several years until NC State implemented a formal system of evaluations.

Mitchell also supported a bill which prohibited freshmen from having cars on campus. The bill came as a response to limited on-campus parking. The administration supported the bill and beginning in fall 1966 freshmen were no longer allowed to purchase parking permits.


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