Jess Errico

A Caldwell Fellow and a double major in mechanical and aerospace engineering, Jess Errico became student body president in 2018. Previously she had joined the Student Conduct Board as a freshman, and she pursued an interest in student conduct and student peer accountability. She was elected student chief justice in 2017.

Years at State

Student Chief Justice, 2017-2018

Student Body President, 2018-2019


During the election campaign, Errico and Vice President Meredith Spence Beaulieu campaigned on a platform of PACK: professionalism, advocacy, communication and kinship. They believed the main strength of their campaign was reaching out to groups with identities differing from their own to form a more diverse, inclusive picture of NC State.

As Student Body President, Errico founded the Student Wellness Department to promote holistic student wellness across university divisions such as Student Health, Wellness and Recreation, and University Dining. She partnered with the Career Development Center to launch Graduation Closet, to provide clothes for graduation day for financially insecure students. After the U. S. Department of Education proposed changes to Title IX, Errico created the Student Action Group for Proposed Changes to Title IX in order to collect opinions and analyze potential impacts. Finally, she created the Pack Meal Share Program, a system where students can donate their unused guest meal swipes to students facing short term food insecurity. Errico received the Mathews Medal, a prestigious award for student leaders who make valuable contributions to the university and she served as chair of the North Carolina Council of Student Body Presidents for the UNC System.


After graduation, Errico plans to teach for a year then apply to law school.