James William Ceresnak

According to former Student Body President Jim Ceresnak, the position of student body president is an invaluable position within the university. Reflecting on the roles of the presidency, Ceresnak stated, "You are that voice on the Board of Trustees. You are that voice in the eyes of the administration, and you are that voice in the eyes of the students. Your job is to understand overwhelmingly how students feel; and what students want; and what decisions need to be made for students -- and carry that message to different decision-making bodies of the university."

Jim Ceresnak is a minority within NC State’s student body presidents in that he is a transfer student. Prior to transferring to State in 2007, Ceresnak attended the University of Georgia for journalism. Ceresnak graduated from NC State in May 2010 with a degree in political science.


Years at State

Student Body President, 2009-2010


Technician (30 March 2010)

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