James Leonard Yocum

James Yocum’s presidential administration was both successful and controversial. Yocum lobbied for student interests on and off campus and introduced Student Government programs that aided in finding students jobs and improved campus lighting. During his first term, Yocum successfully served as the president of NC State’s Student Government and the president of the UNC Association of Student Governments. However, near the end of his second term, Yocum’s administration faced much scrutiny. Yocum faced impeachment charges for allegedly mismanaging funds from a Student Government account. The Student Senate found Yocum innocent of all charges. During college, Yocum enjoyed listening to music and biking. Yocum once claimed that he and a friend biked from "New Bern to Detroit." Yocum graduated from NC State with a degree in mechanical engineering. Following graduation, Yocum attended the Anderson School at UCLA to receive his MBA in finance.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1982-1983

Student Body President, 1983-1984


During Yocum’s administration, the executive branch of Student Government increased 900 percent. This was in part to the committees and task forces Yocum established. For example, he created the President’s Task Force to Combat Apathy. The President’s Task Force established the Student Employment Service, a service that matched students’ skills with local jobs.

Yocum was also influential in working with Student Government to bring NC legislators to campus. Student Government officials organized the meetings with legislators in an effort to bring campus overcrowding to their attention.

Additionally, Yocum aided in the introduction of a new form of Student Government voting. This change represented the first change to ballots since Student Government’s origins in 1921.

During his second presidential term, President Yocum vetoed a Senate bill that allocated $500 more to the Sports Club Authority than the club requested. Yocum declared, “I feel that giving a group more money than they ask for sets a dangerous precedent.” The veto represented the first veto in Student Government in four years.

Yocum addressed the crowd at a student rally in front of the NC Legislature building. The purpose of the rally was to voice concern for the UNC-system budget cuts and tuition hikes.

Yocum successfully fought impeachment charges brought against him by the Student Senate. Members of the Senate charged Yocum with misconduct and mismanaged funds. Yocum filed a libel and slander suit against two Student Senators in Wake Co. District Court and requested the two Senators sign a statement that declared they brought charges prematurely and did not follow specified Student Government procedures.


Jim Yocum currently serves as the executive vice president of DestinationRX, a company which develops internet-based tools for consumer drug price comparisons and purchasing technology.


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