James Clinton Frink

James Frink served as the seventeenth president of the Student Council. Prior to his election to the presidency, Frink served Campus Government in many other capacities including Student Council secretary and president of the sophomore class. An agriculture major, Frink was also involved in academic organizations including the Ag Club and the Forestry Club. During his senior year, Frink traveled with the Crop Judging team to Chicago for a competition. According to Technician, Frink was the "high ranking man on the State team."

During James Frink’s presidential administration, Frink unsuccessfully worked towards implementing an honor system. Although State College did not install an honor system during Frink’s tenure, Frink created a dialogue that later resulted in the implementation of an honor system. Under Frink’s leadership, Student Council sponsored "Walk on the Sidewalk Week" in an effort to beautify campus. Frink urged students to talk on the sidewalk instead of through the grass. Frink also traveled to Washington, D. C. with three other student leaders to lobby for additional National Youth Administration funds. The students met with NC Senators and Representatives "in an attempt to have the National Youth Administration appropriation increased back to the amount given in 1936." Recognizing Frink’s leadership skills, students elected Frink "best executive" from the 1938 senior class.

James Frink graduated from NC State in 1938 with a bachelor of science degree in forestry.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1937-1938


Following a student display of disorderly student conduct after home football victory, the Student Council articulated its intention to enforce the rules of Student Conduct. Frink stated, “We cannot deny the right of a State student to drink...but when the student lets liquor influence him into bringing the college into disrepute...then it is time that Student Council exert its right and privilege to see there will be no recurrence of the act.”

James Frink’s greatest accomplishment was his proposal to substitute an honor system for the current proctor system. While attending a campus leaders’ convention in New Mexico, Frink learned that many American universities were in the process of installing honor systems. Frink worked alongside students and campus administrators to develop an honor program. However, because student leaders and faculty could not agree on a new honor system, the program could not be implemented prior to the end of Frink’s term.


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