Jackie Gonzalez

Jackie Gonzalez was the first Latinx student body president at NC State. Previous positions she held within Student Government included chair of the University Relations Committee and vice chair of the Government Relations and Oversight Committee. She has been donor development chair for the Krispy Kreme Challenge, chair of the Student Media Board of Directors, CHASS ambassador, and at-large member of the Student Center Board of Directors. Gonzalez and Mia Connell ran for Student Body President and Vice President on a platform that focused on concerns of convenience and sustainability, as well as communication within Student Government. The platform also addressed sexual assault, diversity, and education.

Years at State

Student Body President, 2017-2018


Throughout her presidency, Gonzalez quickly responded to student concerns and reached out to those affected by hate crimes and shootings on college campuses. She also signed an executive order that created the transportation task force within Student Government to improve communication issues between students, NCSU Transportation, and Student Government. Additionally, she was vocal in her support of the creation of a living and learning village for LGBTQ students and allies.


Jackie Gonzalez is completing her BA in political science at NC State and is the finance assistant for Anita Earls’ N.C. Supreme Court campaign, Earls for Justice.


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