Jack Graham McCracken

Jack McCracken, a Winston-Salem native, served as the thirtieth president of Student Government. McCracken ran unopposed for the presidency with a platform concerned with adopting a new honor code, developing interest in Campus Government, and clarifying the system of athletic ticket distribution. During his term, McCracken lobbied for NC State's continued membership in the National Student Association and arranged meetings with Chancellor Harrelson to discuss the revision of the honor system. Although Campus Government did not adopt a new honor code during his term, McCracken was influential in keeping the honor code at the forefront of Campus Government. Prior to serving as president, McCracken served in Student Council. McCracken graduated from State in 1951 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. McCracken earned his master’s degree from State in 1954.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1950-1951


President McCracken supported State’s continued affiliation with the National Students Association. McCracken published editorials in the Technician and addressed Campus Government on numerous occasions to garner student support for State’s continued membership in the NSA. Despite objections from Campus Government’s vice president, the motion passed within the Student Council to retain State’s affiliation with NSA for two more years.

In May 1951, McCracken co-wrote an open letter to Gordon Gray to request balance in the College’s educational offerings. McCracken stated, “Unfortunately while our technical training is given at a high level, it is an admitted fact that outside of this phase our educational program operates at a low level.” McCracken suggested NC State develop its extracurricular activities and suggested installing a swimming pool, among other improvements.


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