Hugh Crocker Murrill

A native of Weldon, NC, Hugh Crocker Murrill became State College's twenty-third student body president in the fall of 1943. Students originally elected O. Max Gardner president of the Student Council in spring 1943, however he and many other student leaders were called into active military duty, forcing students to resign their posts. The absence of elected student officials compelled Student Council to hold another election in fall. Murrill won the election 117 to 62. Murrill graduated from State College in 1944 with a degree in mechanical engineering.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1943-1944


During Murrill’s tenure, the Student Government took steps to reorganize and streamline its structure. Student Government decided that each college should have least one representative and three representatives from each class.

Under Murrill's leadership, Student Government also sponsored the student-operated bookstore in the December of 1943.


Technician (5 November 1943, 21 January 1944, 4 February 1944)