Henry G. Love

Henry G. Love was the Vice President of the Student Body at North Carolina State during the 1929-1930 academic year. Love was involved with an incident on campus when around four hundred angry freshmen students created a mob outside the College Cafeteria “for the purpose of destroying forever the freshmen caps.” The riot had begun when a freshman was sentenced to wear a dress for thirteen days after not wearing his freshman cap, a move which enraged the freshmen students. Love managed to restore order before any harm was done, and urged the freshmen to form a committee to speak with the dean regarding banning the freshman caps permanently.

Years at State

Student Government Vice President, 1929-1930


Early in his term Love had calmed down a riot regarding the freshmen caps, a sentiment which appeared again in March of the next semester. Early in 1930 the freshmen conducted the annual burning of the freshmen caps, and were so carried away with their joy in burning the caps that they pulled down nearby bleachers and fed them to the flames, prompting several fire trucks to show up in response to the huge bonfire.


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