George Baxton Pruden

George Pruden, a veteran and a Raleigh native, was active in many campus organizations including Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Inter-Fraternity Council. Pruden campaigned for Campus Government president in spring 1951. In a statement to students during his campaign, Pruden recalled the purpose of Campus Government saying, "Campus Government should represent the interests of each student and should meet their problems squarely." Pruden continued stating, "If I am elected I will make an earnest effort to build a Council that will serve each of you and one that would will be proud to have represent you." Pruden won a landslide victory over his opponent, gaining 1,262 of 1,682 votes. Pruden graduated from State College in 1952 with a degree in civil engineering.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1951-1952


Pruden acted as a moderator in a meeting between Campus Government and the Athletics department concerning the operation of the athletics program. Following the meeting, Pruden was denied admission to an assemblage of campus administrators and the Wolfpack Club. Afraid the Wolfpack Club would ask for student fees to pay its debts, Pruden expressed his opposition to this closed door meeting.

Pruden met with the president of the Monogram Club to write the petition that led to the $40,000 Student Supply Stores settlement. Pruden took several steps to settle the conflict between students and the SSS, which included meeting with the chancellor and the President of the Consolidated University Gordon Gray.

As president, Pruden also supported changes to the Campus Government Constitution. Pruden stated, “It is my earnest hope that the Campus Government Council will concern itself mainly with the revision and acceptance of the new Constitution during the present term.”


Technician (20 April 1951, 27 April 1951)