Fred Homewood Wagoner

World War II veteran Fred Wagoner served as the twenty-sixth president of NC State’s Student Government. Wagoner attended State from 1940-1943, prior to his service in the Army’s 104th "Timberwolf" Division. Wagoner served in the Army for 32 months before he returned to State to continue his degree in animal husbandry. Wagoner's presidential campaign platform emphasized improved food and housing, "genuine support" of athletic teams, and coordination of student and faculty interests. Fred sought to accomplish his goals through "an open system for suggestions for any campus improvements, by letting the students know more about the inside works of the student government, by working for a better cut system on classes . . . and by making worthwhile suggestions to the authorities for cafeteria and housing improvements." In addition to his leadership skills, Wagoner exhibited talent as a writer by winning first place in the State College essay contest, which earned him a trip to Chicago to attend the International Livestock Exposition.


Years at State

Student Body President, 1946-1947


Under the leadership of President Fred Wagoner, Student Government sponsored the NC State-Davidson basketball game to raise funds to purchase bells for the Memorial Tower. Over 91 percent of the student body voted to forfeit their student tickets and allow SG to sell their tickets to the public. Students raised $3,400 for the purchase of electronic bells, which were later installed in Holladay Hall.

In a February 7, 1947 column entitled “Doings of Campus Government,” the Technician declared “Fred Wagoner is doing a fine job as President . . . Fred has been very successful in maintaining order in the Assembly and carries on the meetings in a semi-parliamentary manner.”


Following the completion of his graduate degree in agronomy in 1949, Fred Wagoner served as a 4-H agent in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Later that year, Wagoner returned to NC State College to serve as a 4-H leader for the Southeastern District. Beginning in 1963, Wagoner served as 4-H specialist where his duties included overseeing 4-H camps, currently known as "4-H education centers."

Although he retired in 1974, Fred Wagoner continued to support North Carolina’s 4-H program. Fred and his wife, Dot, established the Fred and Dot Wagoner 4-H Camp Renovations and Repairs Endowment and endowed the 4-H Forestry Cumulative Record and the 4-H forestry trip to National 4-H Congress. In celebration of his contributions to 4-H, Wagoner was inducted to the National 4-H Hall of Fame in October 2008.

Fred and Dot Wagoner started the Fraser Knoll Christmas tree farm in Ashe County, North Carolina in 1979. The family owned business is currently operated by the Wagoners' three children. Mr. Wagoner passed away in July 2011.


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