Fred Algie Kendall, Jr.

Prior to entering State in 1946, Fred Algie Kendall, Jr. served two years in the United States Air Corps. A member of the Agronomy Club and the editor of the Agriculturist, Kendall was an active participant in many campus activities. Following his service as temporary treasurer of Campus Government, Kendall was compelled to take on greater responsibilities in Campus Government. Kendall’s presidential campaign platform focused on improving campus lighting, organizing a weekly "campus sing to promote social life," and improved teaching methods. Kendall won the runoff presidential election by more than 600 votes. During his presidency, Kendall aided in the creation of a student book exchange and headed the new student orientation program, which utilized student leaders as guides. Kendall also arranged a special train to transport students to the Wake Forest-State football game, and he participated in the creation of the Greater University Council, a program created to unite the student bodies of State, UNC, and the Women’s College. Kendall graduated from State in 1949 with a degree in agronomy.

Years at State

Student Body President, 1948-1949


In an effort to reduce student vandalism on NC State and UNC’s campuses, Fred Kendall and UNC Student Body President Jess Dedmond met to “discuss methods of promoting a better understanding” between the two student bodies prior to the State-Carolina football game.

In January 1949, Kendall announced plans for a “full-scale” Inter-Dormitory Council. The new IDC resulted from the “outgrowth” of the dormitory clubs and provided a broader range of social activities for male students residing in campus dormitories. The Technician listed the restructuring of the IDC as one of the Kendall Administration’s greatest accomplishments.

Kendall supported the creation of a merit rating system of campus professors. In February 1949, Kendall announced that after a year of preparation, the evaluations were ready for distribution. Kendall encouraged student respondents to be “mentally honest with himself” while completing the evaluations. Students returned approximately 30,000 evaluations to Campus Government.


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